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Missions.dev is a tool for engaging diverse sectors, stakeholders and community members in cocreating solutions to societal goals.


The tool is used to launch digital platforms that encourage horizontal sharing, networking and ideation, towards new ideas and projects.


Innovation is what creates the economies of the future. They should serve public value and everyone should have a chance at shaping them.


Teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs, public servants, artists, students, workers, politicians, farmers, programmers ....

A mission-oriented approach

Innovation missions are a way to bring concrete solutions to some of our greatest problems. Complex challenges require experimenting with multiple solutions, seeking inspiration and input from the botom-up.

This requires people to come together and interact using tools as simple as post-its and markers, but with the power and flexibility of interacting in both online and offline spaces.

Case studies

Iceland's Tech Transfer Office called on international teams of designers, inventors, students and scientists to solving challanges faced by search and rescue volunteers.

Hacking Hekla is a hackathon that tours the Icelandic countriside, bringing entreprenurs and idea-makers together, one reagion at a time.

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